The Mira Costa Alumni Association’s mission is to build and maintain ties between alumni and the high school, to connect alumni in a meaningful and beneficial way, and to work to ensure Mira Costa has the resources it needs to be a great high school.

If you graduated from Mira Costa you are automatically a member of the Alumni Association and are welcome to participate in any of our activities.

The Mira Costa Alumni Association is overseen by the Alumni Leadership Council made up of the following alumni:

  • Gil Archuletta, Class of 1957
  • Chris Bald, Class of 2003
  • Chris Brown, Class of 1987
  • Kevin Campbell, Class of 1978
  • Huntley Castner, Class of 1981
  • Kim Day Castner, Class of 1986
  • Colleen Courtney Cole, Class of 1980
  • Jake Courtney, Class of 1981
  • Chuck Currier, Class of 1972
  • John Featherstone, Class of 1967
  • Eric Fonoimoana, Class of 1987
  • David Gentry, Class of 1988
  • Carol Glover, Class of 1975
  • Bridgette Gibson Goodman, Class of 1984
  • Paul Gregory, Class of 1978
  • Russ Lesser, Class of 1959
  • Kevin Pratt, Class of 1980
  • Beverly Rohrer, Class of 1955
  • Rob Stone, Class of 2001
  • Chris Warshaw, Class of 1979
  • Todd Collins, Class of 1994

We welcome all our fellow alumni to get involved with any of our activities. Alumni are also welcome at any of the alumni association meetings and we are always looking for dedicated alumni to serve on the Alumni Leadership Council.

You can contact the alumni association at:

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